About Us

We Are Whackers Golf.

We are a group of highschool buddies who love to golf, plain and simple. But we never understood why there is such a mental barrier to getting into the game of golf.

There is judgment everywhere, from the moment you walk into a pro shop, or people shaking their heads at your form, or the always nerve-racking first tee. We wondered why is the game surrounded by such uptight attitudes when a round of golf with your buddies is one of the most fun things on this earth.

But not anymore, the old country club vibe is a thing of the past. Golf is available to all and we're gonna have a blast out there no matter what, we made the Whackers Golf brand to embody that. At Whackers Golf, you pick up the club, and you GRIP AND RIP baby.

3 Rules: Don't play slow, don't whine, and maybe chug a beer if your swing is getting too tight

So please, embrace the hilarious events that happen on course; the whiffed tee shots, shanks into forest, and all the 3-putts on the green. 

 Whether you're about to go pro, or just an average golf ball whacker guy, golfing should always be a great time and thats what Whackers Golf is all about.

 We wear our Whackers gear with pride, to show all the uptight golfers that we love the game, and we have fun. Join Whackers Golf nation and come along for the ride.

Never be afraid to play the slice.



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